2016: Summer of Pool Tripping

I added my 236th pool today, thanks to the local Valley of the Sun JCC re-opening their main training pool after a complete re-build and expansion ... ... but, with my 49th birthday having recently passed and the recognition that my ability to trek and trip through new pools in my 70s and 80s will likely slow down, I've realized that I need to considerably pick up the pace on 'pool adds' over the next 10-15 years if I'm going to have a shot at reaching my 1,001 pools goal. I hereby declare 2016 my "Summer of Pool Tripping" and am going to see if I can average 6 new pools per month over June, July and August. I've got my eye on a mixture of both pools in some new places work and fun will tak

Pool crush: Cactus Aquatic Center

Here's how much I love Cactus Aquatic Center in Scottsdale, Arizona ... ... after living in the Valley of the Sun for 7 years, when my wife and I had the need/opportunity to move, I strategically planned our weekend open house tours within a very tight radius of this community gem on the edge of the Scottsdale/Phoenix. We ended up a mere one mile from this pool that became the center of our children's lives for the next decade (and still going). I had discovered this 50 meter and 25 yard pool sometime after getting back into swimming in the 2001 time period, but didn't really come to appreciate all this facility and swimming community had to offer until we moved nearby in 2004: As a lap swi

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