Three Days, Three Workouts, Three Pools

Eighteen days into the month where I was supposedly going to really pick up the pace of "pool adds" and I was sitting at the same, singular addition of the great Berkeley Aquatic Club pool back on June 3rd. A trip out to Virginia was what it took to nab a crescendo-ing trio of workouts across three pools in three days: Saturday = A ~1,500 "US-SC" = Ultra-Short-Short-Course workout in the WFB Swim and Aqua-Jogging Complex ... otherwise known as my dad's backyard, 11 & 2/3rd yard pool. I dutifully did my standard warmup sets, marking every "100" as 10 lengths. It might not have been much of a swim workout, but it was a good core workout! Sunday = A 2,250 SCY workout at the exceptional Christ

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