Pool crush(es): Julia Morgan's Berkeley Beauties

I fell in love with Julia Morgan back in high school, only I didn't know it at the time. Sometime in the early 80's, I was out in Southern California for a swim meet and, after the event, my family took a trip north from LA up the PCH. I can't recall how far we got or every place we went, but none of that mattered once I developed my first true case of pool lust: we visited the Hearst Castle in San Simeon and I saw the incredible Neptune and Roman pools. As I wasn't bold enough to attempt a bandit swim, I figured I'd never get the opportunity to swim in a pool so beautiful. Little did I know then, I just had to wait about 30 years. In late August of 2014, I found myself in Berkeley while

Milestone: A Rosy #250

I really wanted to make this milestone - 25% of the way towards the goal - a special, if not iconic pool. I got some really good suggestions for pools from my last post and have added them to my 'pool bucket list,' but my travels are not likely to take me to Missouri or Wenatchee in the near term, I had already swum in the UIC pool, and I didn't think I could wait for the new UBC Aquatic Center to open up. I had almost resolved myself to fill in this important milestone with just the next pool when a unique opportunity opened up: An evening work event kept me in the LA area this past Thursday too late to catch a flight home that night, but I had no in-person work requirements to stick aroun

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