Hacking away at my IM pace

18 October 2020 LA Fitness - Barrie - Cundles Short Course Yards Back in 2013, I had the great fortune of doing a 1-1 workout with one of the greatest swimmers to ever walk the face of the earth. No, not Michael Phelps. Richard Abrahams has been rewriting records since 1974, and still lays down times in his 70s that men many decades younger would be happy with. While he's known for his sprints, he brought to this workout a 200 pace set that, according to legend, the great Grant Hackett used to help him set the world record in not only that event, but also the 800 and 1500. The set is deceptively simple ... and would be easy if you loaf the speed work, but the goal, when done all freestyle

First 3 x 300 Test Set in SCM in Canada

5 October 2020 I had a double treat this morning to kickoff a week's staycation - I got to train with my eldest daughter, Maia, who came out from Vancouver to visit, and finally did my 3 x 300 Base Pace / Threshold Pace in short course metres in Canada. In an odd twist, from 2008 forward when I was living in Arizona, I did most of my training in short course meters (either at a Lifetime Fitness or in my own pool built in 2010), but, since moving to Canada, I've done most of my solo training at an LA Fitness in a yards pool. This morning, Maia and I went over to the lap swimming time at Barrie's East Bayfield Community Centre, which has a very nice 8 lane, 25 metre pool. Thanks to COVID-19

Training Table: IM making progress

2 October 2020 Though I typically like to repeat my test sets roughly every 4 weeks, I felt like doing some IM work this morning at the LA Fitness - Barrie Cundles location, so went through my 1,750 yard long warmup and then launched into this. I've retained only my best performance ever in the 'history' below, along with this year's efforts: 8 x 50: on 0:55, 2 each stroke, build the odds and make sure the evens are at target 400 IM race pace My dream splits would be 29+ fly, 31+ back, 36+ breast, 29.0 free 10/10/13 - 29, 30+, 36-, 28- 01/26/20 - 34, 35, 40, 32 08/03/20 - 34, 35, 42, 32 09/21/20 - 37, 34, 42, 31+ 10/02/20 - 32, 34, 40, 31 1 x 50: on 1:20, easy breast kick w/snorkel 4 x 100:

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