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Try Masters and defy time

We're approximately mid-way through the June 1st to 11th "Try Masters Swimming Week." You might think this 11 day week is yet another example that swimmers can't count, but I like to think it's yet more evidence that regular swimming allows you to defy time. But, don't take it from me (I'm biased): check out the science and this sensational story from the Growing Bolder website (a great source for powerful stories of aging with grace, style and impact):

Guys like these are my swimming idols. I just turned 50 and went through physical therapy for a nagging shoulder over the early part of this year. When the doctor and the PT asked me what my long-term rehab goals were, it was simple: to be in shape to swim and compete for another 50 years.

In many of the pools I have swum in over the years, I have done so by dropping in to train with a Masters team. Chances are, there is a US Masters team near your home. The teams cater to all ages and all abilities. Check one out and get in the pool.

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