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A bubble, an upside down arc, 4 lanes, 6 lanes, whatever goes - Pools #431 to #440

I think it's actually good that I didn't keep up with my Pool Pics every time I added a new pool. Going back and updating these in sets of 10 is great nostalgia, and really drives home the beauty in the wide variety of pools that are out there. While every pool is special just in its inherent pool-i-ness, some highlights include:

I believe my second bubble pool** on this list at the ego-lifting Upper Main Line YMCA. Find the bubble on the Pool Pics page as that is #440, then go back in time to #431:

A cool pool that sits inside what looks like an upside down arc from the outside:

And the reminder that swimming joy can be had in any configuration - 4, 6 or 8 lanes; 25 yards or metres, 50 metres; morning, noon or night; above ground or in a basement.

** The first one being the Hilton Head Island Recreation Center in the winter time

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