Pool-time = joy-time

Oh yeah! I was back in the water at my local LA Fitness in Barrie at 0600 today. The last time I swam here was the day before Ontario went into lockdown, March 16th, and I had done a piddly little 1,750 yard 'warmup workout' because I was feeling all tired ... had I known that day that it would be four months before I got into a pool again, I would've taken the day off work and swum all day long ;) Thanks to the excellent work Canadians have been doing in flattening, then driving down the 'curve,' most of the province entered Stage 3 recently, which allowed our gyms to re-open this past Friday, with quite strict physical distancing requirements, and masks required everywhere except the poo

6 pools, 2 dogs, 1 Prius: Arizona to Ontario

When my wife and I decided in 2018, after a couple of decades of toying with the idea, to move to her homeland of Canada, we didn't quite think through all the implications of doing this move right around the New Year. Namely, the dogs ... our two big dogs, one of whom, Fluffy, it turns out has proportions that make her too large to fit into the largest dog crate allowed by the airlines. But, even without her size, the airlines, quite wisely, won't fly dogs into Toronto in December or January. So ... ROAD TRIP ... approximately 4100 kilometres, with these two lovely mutts ... who had no idea what they had gotten themselves into! Lola (left) and Fluffy (right) chilling in the dog seat ... an

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