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Sunrise & seagulls

As the days get shorter, the sunrise here in the Great White North has reached an optimal point for a sunrise swim. I awoke at 5am, got myself (and my wife) sufficiently caffeinated, my dog fed and done with her "business," so that I could be standing on Centennial Beach on gorgeous Kempenfelt Bay a bit before 6am ...

My intention was simple - swim about 3KM while enjoying the view, stopping to take photos (thanks to my Lifeproof case around an old iPhone) and making sure to capture the sunrise.

I think I was highly successful ...

... especially with this particular seagull, who never budged from his/her perch and always seemed to be watching me whenever I passed him/her (which happened about 10 times as this buoy line is about 300 meters one way) ...

A glorious start to a beautiful day.

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