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A Pentagon of 300s

6 October 2022

OK, that's a lame title for a timed 1,500 done in the Leisure Pool of the Long Bridge Aquatic Center, sitting in the shadows of the Pentagon in Alexandria:

I popped in here ahead of my flight back home from DCA with an intent to do a timed 1,500 as the main event. I planned to - and executed perfectly - my intent to negative split by increasing my stroke count over the race going 100-200-300-400-500 at 10-11-12-13-14 strokes per length. My 500 splits were not perfectly captured, but obtained by looking up at the deck-level pace clock heading into the 500 and 1000 turn:

  • 5:58

  • 5:53

  • 5:47

... for a 17:40 overall time. This 1:10.67 average 100 is a smidge of improvement over the 1:10.97 average I did last week on my 1,000 straight. Nothing huge, but a nice way to christen pool #548.


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