Swimming with friends - Pools #441 to #450

Pandemic Panic be damned! If I can't go to my happy place, I'm going to think about my happy places. I've updated my next set of 10 pool pictures and there are some impressive facilities in this list, including ... The best pool in Canada My favorite pool in the midst of farm country well north of Toronto The pool that might have contributed to me getting and taking my current job A fitting, but still sad tribute to the great Victor Davis And, as you can see from my smiling face, great memories training with one of Masters Swimming's fiercest and friendliest competitors Head to the Pool Pics page, scroll down a bit, click on my and Kurt's face for pool #450, and then scroll backwards to see

Remembering swimming

In retrospect, my wide eyes from my late February swim capture the emotions I feel now, as we all deal with life shut down, self-isolation and, at least here in the Great White North, no access to swimmable water until we get some more melting of the lake ice. While I've been very good at keeping up my Instagram account with pictures of my "pool conquests," I have been less attentive to updating my ongoing pool pics here. So, with some more time on my hands since I can't swim, I'm working my way backwards through my pools to update and annotate pictures. I'll try to get 10 done each day, starting with the most recent conquests. Check out pools #460 back to #451 by clicking on the starting b

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