Pools #401 to #410: Canada & California

These 10 pools cover a tight and important time - March and April of 2019 - when we were still brand-new to living in Canada and just as we were migrating from our temporary Airbnb home in Richmond Hill to our new community of Barrie, Ontario. I was exploring pools on my own, through training with the Richmond Hill Masters and the Barrie Trojan Swim Club Masters teams, and a few California pools from a business trip that took me to both Northern & Southern California. Chronologically going backward through the Pool Pics, though, you'll want to look for my 'flip-turn' pool (#410) workout in this apartment building:

One month dry: wistfully recalling pools #411 to #420

Had I known that my March 16th, 2020 swim of 1,750 yards was going to be my last for a while, I would have cranked out more. The following day, Ontario declared its state of emergency and my access to pools was gone. It's been a month and I really miss the pool, but at least I can recall some fun swims in Pools #411 to #420 across: Both Ontario and British Columbia Minnesota, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania A pool (#415) that connected me to Peter Daland, the great coach who, in part is responsible for me being in this world. Had he not recruited my Dad to swim at the University of Southern California, my parents never would have met! And, I swam with three Saints - Lawrence, Geo

3 universities, 2 communities and 1 whack of algae: Pools #421 to #430

I really should choose my next home to be near a university with a great pool that has community access. As I doubt I'll be living in Cambridge, MA near MIT anytime soon, maybe Halifax will be the next adventure, a city I quite fell in love with last summer when we visited, made all the better by the 8 lane, 50 metre pool at Dalhousie University. Working my way backwards and updating my Pool Pics, just look for the Dal pool, #430, and work your way backward to #421. Follow my aquatic journeys through community pools in Mississauga and Flushing, NY, and see a formerly algae-filled backyard pool that I managed to clean enough for one 'qualifying' workout!

A bubble, an upside down arc, 4 lanes, 6 lanes, whatever goes - Pools #431 to #440

I think it's actually good that I didn't keep up with my Pool Pics every time I added a new pool. Going back and updating these in sets of 10 is great nostalgia, and really drives home the beauty in the wide variety of pools that are out there. While every pool is special just in its inherent pool-i-ness, some highlights include: I believe my second bubble pool** on this list at the ego-lifting Upper Main Line YMCA. Find the bubble on the Pool Pics page as that is #440, then go back in time to #431: A cool pool that sits inside what looks like an upside down arc from the outside: And the reminder that swimming joy can be had in any configuration - 4, 6 or 8 lanes; 25 yards or metres, 50 me

Flattening the wrong curve

I have officially wrapped up my 13th year of this epic quest to swim in 1,001 different pools before I die**. With all the buzz about flattening the coronavirus curve, I was dissapointed that it's my pool curve that went in the wrong direction: To be fair to the pandemic, I probably would not have achieved the 74 number from last year, but I would have come close. Before we were all forced into our homes, I had two more business trips, a week's vacation between Spain and London, and what should have been three pools planned for a massive swim day today, my birthday. I would have easily racked up close to 10 more pools in March alone. So it goes. The bigger question, though, is what kind o

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