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Pool Review (#601) - First Swim in Germany

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

5 July 2023

Eindrucksvoll und exzellent!

After two days in crowded pools, I was very much hoping that this outdoor schwimmbad about 15-20 minutes from the Frankfurt airport would offer me an opportunity to do some actual sets. Not only was I able to do so - a bunch of aerobic 200s over a 3,000 meter workout - the setting was gorgeous, the long course pool was top-notch, the water brisk, and I shared the lane with no more than 2 people.

I didn’t get to walk around the entire grounds, but this is quite the complex with an indoor pool for the winter time, and a huge wading/play pool, so that long course pool was entirely devoted to proper lap swimming. With extensive green space, I imagine this is very popular on a warm summer weekend for families.

I have flown through #FRA many times before and been to Nuremberg earlier in my career, but this was my first time #swimming in this country. #Pool #602 and my first pool in #Deutschland.


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