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What's the oldest pool you've swum in?

When I was in New England last summer and made a detour over to swim at Dartmouth, I was initially bummed out that their main training and competition pool, the Karl Michael pool, was closed for repairs. I wanted to swim in that pool as it has a unique setup: in addition to a standard 25 yard competition course, there exist two 50 meter lanes that apparently go into a tunnel of sorts. I still got in a swim and it was, at time, an historic swim as my workout in the 1919-built Spaulding Pool made it the oldest pool I'd ever swum in:

Based upon looking around the internet for the oldest pools still in existence (e.g., here, here, and here) I was pretty sure that Spaulding would remain my oldest until I got to Austin, England or possibly Philly.

But, then, on my quest to swim at all of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks' fine facilities, I finally managed to swim at Mission Pool ...

... and learned only after swimming that this pool was originally constructed in 1916. Now, this pool underwent a major renovation in 2013, so I'm not sure it really qualifies any more as being 101 years old, whereas the Spaulding Pool looked pretty darn original. I'm calling Spaulding as my oldest pool.

What's the oldest pool you've swum in?

What old pools do you know that I should add to my pool bucket list?

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