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Beyond the Goggles: Swimnerds

I have done the odd crowdfunding campaign over the years, almost always swimming-related. My best one to date (and still highly recommended) was the open water swimming documentary Driven, but, when my Swimnerd Pace Clock arrived in the mail this weekend, I hit the jackpot.

When I built my 25 meter lap pool back in 2010, I shopped around for a digital pace clock. I figured I could pick up a typical clock like is used at many facilities, but even the 'low-end' clocks from Colorado Timing started around $1,000 and went up from there. As my needs were pretty basic - be able to see the clock from both ends of the pool - I couldn't justify that price. Over the ensuing seven years, I have used ...

  • I started with a small custom (but low cost) red digital clock that was great for swimming in the dark (which I often do for my morning workouts), but was hard to read in day time from the far end of the pool,

  • I then added The Pace Pal, an underwater clock. However, after 40+ years of looking up for the time, I could never quite get used to looking down ... and the 'water proof' housing only last about two years.

  • Since then, I have been using an Accusplit 15" classic analog clock - which has served me well, but was not visible from the far end of the pool in all light (both in the dark and in the ultrabright AZ sunshine)

Imagine my happiness when the good guys at Water Monsters / Swimnerd launched their Kickstarter campaign and promised to build an economical, water-proof, high-visbility digital pace clock.

The picture above was taken between 3pm and 4pm on a bright Sunday afternoon from the turn end of my 25 meter pool, using my iPhone and no Zoom. I can see this thing bright and clearly from both ends of the pool, in any light. I haven't yet figured out where I'm going to mount it and I haven't even begun to explore the associated app and programming features, but I'll get around to that.

I'm in love with this clock and, as an entrepreneur in my professional life, wish this startup the best of luck in launching a bona fide competitor to what currently exists in the market.

(I have absolutely no financial interest in this product other than as a consumer)

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