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One month dry: wistfully recalling pools #411 to #420

Had I known that my March 16th, 2020 swim of 1,750 yards was going to be my last for a while, I would have cranked out more. The following day, Ontario declared its state of emergency and my access to pools was gone.

It's been a month and I really miss the pool, but at least I can recall some fun swims in Pools #411 to #420 across:

  • Both Ontario and British Columbia

  • Minnesota, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania

  • A pool (#415) that connected me to Peter Daland, the great coach who, in part is responsible for me being in this world. Had he not recruited my Dad to swim at the University of Southern California, my parents never would have met!

  • And, I swam with three Saints - Lawrence, George and Thomas

Click on the Pool Pics and find what looks like an underground, industrialist grotto to start at Pool #420.

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