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Racing Days Are Here (soon) Again

13 June 2022

After last week's monster volume (for me)., I am taking today off training other than light yoga as I look ahead to a fun weekend of racing down in Virginia Beach, with two events in one weekend

On Saturday, I'll swim long course in Tide Swimming Masters' Big Kahuna Masters Classic, racing three events:

Historically, I haven't raced much LCM, so much so that I've only done two meets since I turned 50, one in the summer of 2017 in Mesa, Arizona and the last one in February of 2020 at the University of Toronto (from which I took the above entry times).

After the pool, I then turn to the ocean for the Virginia Beach Lifeguard Association's One Mile race, the first in a three race series over the summer. While I've done a decent number of Pacific Ocean races and have played a lot in the Atlantic Ocean, this will be my first time ever racing open water along the eastern seaboard.

Even better than the racing, though, will be spending the weekend with my brother, who will principally trains for triathlons and will do the ocean swim with me, and then seeing my parents for dinner after the Sunday morning swim.


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