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Can't ... stop ... making ... goals

21 April 2022

Four weeks to race time, my entries are approved ...

and my ambitions are high:

  • Minimum Goal - Achieve my best "Age 50+" time

  • Stretch Goals - Break the Canadian National Records in at least two more events:

    • Re-break the 400 IM record and get under 5:00

    • Break at least one of the 200, 400 & 800 free, or the 200 fly

  • BHAG - Get as close as I can to 49 year old me in my 400 IM - how close can I come to the 4:52.09 I went in as recently as fall of 2016? Close enough to dip under the curren Masters World Record of 4:51.97?

And, while I will remember the big lessons from my recent meet in Houston ...

  • Rest, rest, rest

  • Stay loose and have fun

  • Enjoy the joy of being able to race, especially in what looks like a gorgeous pool at the University of Laval (picture sourced - )

... I find myself unable to shy away from making ambitious goals.


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