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Pool Review (#603): The Beach Life in Brighton

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

9 July 2023

Maia and I packed a lot of fun into my first visit to Brighton, with her being a most-excellent hostess and tour-guide. In addition to fish & chips, walks along the boardwalk, a comedy show, "99s" on the beach ...

... we also managed to swim together twice, the second swim at the practically new Sea Lanes 50 meter pool on the beach.

We had biked there along Brighton's extensive boardwalk and waterfront, and found the pool relatively hopping a bit before 9am. Both of us were feeling a bit worn out from yesterday's workout and extensive walks around town, so we each only swam 2,000 meters and retired to cafe onsite for excellent breakfast sandwiches and coffee.

I can totally understand why Maia loves living here so much: Brighton is an eclectic, energetic town with a great outdoor scene for active people.


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