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Onward thru the fog!

One of my early posts encouraged swimmers to look beyond the goggles to other cool and useful training equipment, but I was reminded again recently that many swimmers are apparently still unaware of the most valuable goggle-life-extending trick I ever learned. I mentioned this in another post over a year ago, but wanted to bring it to the forefront so that every swimmer can live the dream of life-long, fog-free goggles.

Johnson's Bay Shampoo (or your favorite generic equivalent) and a little water is all you need for fog-free goggle longevity. Just periodically soak your goggles overnight in a mixture of water and baby shampoo about every 6-8 weeks. Take 'em out, rinse 'em off and you've got rejuvenated, fog-free goggles.

Now, you can apply this trick to any pair of goggles, but, if you want to wear the most comfortable and cost-effective goggles that are equally at home in workout or racing, you'll grab yourself a pair of Speedo Vanquishers. I've tried a lot of different styles over the years, but I keep coming back to these, especially when I was in Austin a few years back and got these awesome Texas Vanquishers from the Longhorn Aquatics store.

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