2017 was a bountiful year for pools

By any metric, my efforts to add new pools in 2017 was bountiful 4 countries - US, Canada, India and Nepal 40 cities 9 states in the US - including Minnesota making its debut on my list 2 provinces in Canada 2 states in India ... covering 58 new pools, a record year! I always enjoy a good swim, and usually can find something redeemable in just about any pool I visit, but I got to experience some truly remarkable facilities this year: The new UBC swim center A swim with a view in Dehli The best example of restoration of a classic pool I completed my effort to swim in all nine of the San Francisco Rec & Parks pools (which reminds me that I need to write that accomplishment up!) ... and after 2

One-arm dog drill

The New Year got away from me, but I had to post the best one-arm strength workout I've ever done, courtesy of a special Christmas gift from my youngest daughter, Zara, a gift not to me, but to the dogs of the Maricopa County Animal Shelter in Mesa. The "workout" story starts with my wife, who sits on the Board of the Companion Animal Association of Arizona, a nonprofit that provides social pet therapy primarily to the elderly and disabled. At a recent event, they brought in the founder of East Side Elves to speak about how they got started and what they do to support animals in the shelter. Every Sunday, the all volunteer "Elves" are out in force washing the huge amount of dirty blankets

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