Pools on Point: Vancouver

If the definitive history of Canadian competitive swimming is ever written, the 6000 block between University and Student Union Boulevards on the campus of the University of British Columbia will deserve a chapter, if not more. This relatively compact plot in Vancouver has been or is now home to three aquatic centers … The 1954 Empire Pool constructed for the British Empire and Commonwealth Games The 1978 UBC Aquatic Centre … and now, the 2017 UBC Aquatic Centre In spite of my physical therapist’s orders to stay out of the water (I’m in shoulder rehab right now), I could not pass up the opportunity I had this past weekend to get a ‘sneak preview swim’ at the #newUBCPool. Before I swam in t

Olympic Dreams - Fulfilled

I've got various partial attempts at a 'Bucket List' of pools I need/want to swim in, as well as recommendations from friends strewn across Facebook messages, emails, tweets, bookmarked pages, Instagram posts, etc.. I began to pull some of those together this week, but the task got to be too daunting so I decided to narrow my focus: The Olympic Pool Bucket List. Huge props and a shout-out to Jeff Commings from his time as a writer at Swimming World as his five-part 2012 series "Olympic Pools: Where Are They Now?" allowed me a one-stop reference guide to the Olympic Pools built since 1908. Taking a cue from Jeff's multi-part series, I'll split this into three posts and start on a positive n

Years In Review / Year in Preview

I was a busy little pool tourist in 2016, outpacing all previous years .. ...and putting me well on my way to achieving the 1,001 goal. And, while I've got a handful of pools on my list outside of the US and Canada (e.g., 3 in England, 2 in India), when I do a quick heat map of where I've swum in North America, I see A LOT of potential: As I look ahead to 2017, my new resolution for this blog (above just adding new pools and their pictures) is to add more content: my aim is to commit to one blog post a week. My ask of anyone who happens to stumble upon this site and find it worthy of a comment to do just that: please comment and let me know what you'd like to see more of and less of. Stay w

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