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Could I be done in 12 years?


If you were to ask me how hard I trained over the last twelve months, I'd tell you it's been the lamest period of effort since I returned to Masters swimming in 2000/2001. Between my forced time off for physical therapy at the start of the year, my extended trip to Nepal and India, and my lackluster motivation to race this summer, I've really not been committed to any sort of real training program.

What I have been committed to, though, is swimming in new pools. Over the last twelve months - September 2016 through August of 2017 - I have swum in 60 new and different pools, spanning four countries and, within the US, 11 different states.

If I can keep up this very brisk pace, I'll have this goal wrapped up in about 11-12 years. Much like my goal earlier this summer to do a blog post every day of June (which I burnt out on mid-way through the month), it's probably unrealistic to think I can continue holding this pace ... but I can definitely see a path to reaching this goal.

But now, with my eyes on racing next May at my favorite pool in the world, I've got to get in a real workout!

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