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Blew out the candles on another great year

Well, the move to Canada & starting a new job has been pretty all-consuming, leaving me little time to blather on about where I've been swimming. I've been pretty good about keeping my Instagram and tracking spreadsheet updated, but not much else documentation of my pool tourism. But, trust me, I have been traveling and swimming in many new places!

In fact, when I look at the data as the number of new pools swum in by my age, my 51st year was a banner year - 74 new pools added!

As I start my 52nd year, I am a little more than 40% of the way to the goal. If I stick to my average pace thus far - 33.67 new pools per year - I should be done in 18 years, right around my 70th birthday. Of course, if I can do 75 pools per year going forward, I'll be done by my 60th birthday.

Whatever trend line I choose, it'll keep me going!

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