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Aerobically, I've still got it

27 February 2021

After feeling so abysmal in the water on Monday, I swam a drill/"get to know the water" oriented Masters workout on Tuesday evening and then a version of my Broken Mile workout solo Wednesday morning. Life and pool access was such that I couldn't swim on Thursday or Friday, so maybe I was already kind of tapered for today's Pulse Plot attempt.

Or, maybe it was the purple suit.

Whatever it was, amazingly I felt like myself again and put up a performance that was even better than what I had done last November, when I had been swimming consistently for almost 6 months:

I did have to convert my swim times from meters (today at East Bayfield) to compare to the prior yards efforts, but used a reliable tool. My peak speed was faster and combined pulse was lower.

Maybe all that hiking (~40KM per week) and light weight lifting has kept me better conditioned than I thought!


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