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Failing and flailing the 3K

1 November 2022

After my third longest volume training week of the year, a week that also included three fairly intense dryland workouts, I probably should not have made today my first attempt at a 3,000 yard timed effort. One day of rest yesterday was not enough recovery and my ever increasing pace tells the story of the pain quite vividly:

While the splits appear to say that I was feeling pretty solid through the 1300, I was actually hurting quite a lot by about the 800/900 mark. I managed to hand on for awhile longer, but then just fell apart. Starting with the 16th one hundred, I mixed in some backstroke to try to loosen up my shoulders. While that helped and I kept doing it, I just kept getting slower and slower.

Ah well. The main point of doing this today was to get one recorded time in the books. I'll have another attempt in 10 days and see if I can get anywhere proximate to the 33:18 I did ten years ago!


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