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Last Day to be a Brute

30 November 2022

As the Davis Aquatic Masters Brute Squad virtual event closed today, I left myself no choice but to hit my local LA Fitness and get it done. I did my standard 1,750 warmup, followed by a 400 Kick-For-Time (5:50.7) and then a set of seven recovery 50s, putting me at 2,500 yards before the race: a straight 200 fly, 400 IM and 1,650 freestyle with my race result being the total time:

I was very tentative on the first, in effect, straight 300 fly, doing most of it with an extra kick (3 kicks per pull instead of the normal 2 kicks), trying to ensure that I didn't burn myself out on the first ~15% of the race. I can't say that I particularly pressed any part of this, except maybe the last 25. My goal was to be solid and to get through this.

To say I enjoyed this is a bit of an overstatement, but I enjoyed that I did it. And I aim to make this a routine part of my fall training, whether they have an event or not.


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