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Moving Day is not Taper Day

8 May 2022

While yesterday was a beautiful day to move my daughter across Hamilton, Ontario from her medical school apartment to her apartment for the next 5 years of her anesthesia residency, and while we worked smoothly and in harmony ...

... it was about six solid hours of moving that left my muscles aching in the pool this morning. With little energy and disappointing times, I cut my planned 2,500 yard workout far short at 1,650. Over the course of this first week of taper, I dropped my volume 23% (13,400 total yards) from the prior week's 17,300 yards. I'll plan to cut back another ~20% over this coming week, testing the theory that old folks like me need more rest to be fresh!

I've got two weeks of heavy business travel between now and race day. While that should bode well for me adding new pools to the 1,001 pool list, I am hoping I'll be able to stick to the taper plan!


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