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Why don't we have more pools with retractable roofs?

24 July 2021

Morrisville, North Carolina

I'm down finally visiting my family in America and dropped in for a quick swim today at the Morrisville Aquatic & Fitness Center. I emerged refreshed, relaxed and reflecting on this question: in climates with a decent summer but also the need for enclosure in the winter, why aren't more pools built with retractable roofs?

This is not a super large facility, but the six lane lap pool was all kitted out with both a digital and analog pace clock, starting blocks, a decently deep (8') deep end, absolutely crystalline water and delivered a joyous mix of shade and sun with the roof half-opened.

I'm sure this kind of roof is more expensive, but aesthetically this is fabulously pleasing and I would think it delivers a lot of flexibility for its patrons. Right on Morrisville!

Pool #473 on and another view can be found The exterior shot is below:

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