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World Swim Day - 2009 / 2011 Flashback

22 October 2022

Just like Hallmark created holidays, the swimming app MySwimPro created World Swim Day, a day to celebrate swimming ... by swimming. I pulled up an old workout that Maia had given me way back in 2009 and for which I can see at least one other time I did a variation of this on October 20th in 2011. Both of those workouts were done in SCM and I was a much younger man ...

I was feeling pretty sore from my third personal training session (one a week for now) last night at Barrie's Thrive Fitness, so was just aiming to get through this. While I completed the volume and made most of the intervals, I did have to make some modifications and still struggled greatly. Some highlights (or, more realistically, lowlights):

  • My 4 x 100 backstroke descend during warmup on 1:35 were pretty solid at 1:19, 1:18, 1:14, 1:11

  • My 400 kick for time was pretty poor at 6:14, definitely a casualty of the split squats from last night

  • I slogged through the 150s freestyle, ranging from 1:42+/1:43 to 1:47

  • I couldn't make a 50 fly straight and tried doing the first round of 150s IM as 25 fly - 75 back - 50 breast, but missed the interval

  • About the only part of the workout that felt slightly good was when I did the 150s on round #4 straight backstroke and went 1:52, 1:53

I was pleased to have completed this; it was hard, but necessary to do.


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