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A percent a week matters

22 November 2022

I've been doing a version of this workout with 5 x 200 straight backstrokes followed by 5 x 200 broken freestyles across three different recent workouts for the last month. As I'm starting a longish, four-week taper this week, I dropped a round of each. As I had to be up at 4:30 am to be able to squeeze this 3,500 workout in before my 45-minute weight lifting session at 6:45 am, and as this was my 6th swim workout in a row, I didn't think I'd perform all that well.

In reality, I was better all around:

This was a nice confidence boost and a good way to end a hard stretch of training. I'll do an easier recovery-oriented workout tomorrow, take off Thursday for 'Murican Thanksgiving and then get back into it, hopefully getting an opportunity to try the "Brute Squad Lite" version as part of my workout.


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