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Repair and Rain Delays

16 June 2022

Whenever I come to my company's HQ in Bowie, Maryland, I like to stay at a basic Marriott Springhill Suites which has a double advantage of saving the company money versus the Westin where most of my colleagues stay and giving me a nice 20 minute walk to the wonderful Arundel Olympic Swim Center. I traipsed over there under ominous skies this morning, arriving right around 6:45am, planning for an hour long workout featuring my heart rate test set... only to be met with an even more ominous sign:

"Damn!" I thought, "This is not a good start to the day!"

But, because I swim around a lot, I had a backup plan: an LA Fitness near my company's office. All I had to do was walk back to the hotel, load my clothes and hop in the car. I figured I might lose at most 5 minutes from my planned swim. And then, five minutes into my walk back, that ominous sky did this!

Luckily for me in an otherwise unluckily started day, this downpour only lasted about 20 minutes, so I was able to get over to the LA Fitness with 40 minutes to swim in an empty pool. A mere 2,250 yards this morning, but any day that starts with a swim, especially after disappointments, is a great day.

I'll play it safe tomorrow and just head straight to LA!


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