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F-Yeah Friday Aerobicize

4 March 2022

After Thursday's 400 IM Test set, I wanted to go longer and more aerobic. As I drove to the pool, I was thinking about 30 x 100, but didn't want to swim all freestyle, so I riffed on that idea. After a 1,050 yard warmup, I went:

  • 6 rounds of 5 x 100 followed by 1 x 50

  • All 100s were descend to aerobic pace, while all 50s were easy scull on about 1:30 to 2:00, depending upon where the clock was and how I was feeling

  • Odd rounds were free on 1:30 and I generally went from about 1:12/1:13 down to 1:05.

    • The interval was generous, at BASE PACE + 0:15, but I had also done 3 rounds of bodyweight drylands on Thursday after my swim, so I was needing a little extra.

  • Evens rounds were backstroke on 1:40 and I generally went from about 1:20/1:22 down to 1:09/1:11

I threw in an extra 50 at the end to make this 4,400 yards, a longer effort for me these days. Great progress on my longest, most intense week of training.


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