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Pulse Plot Progress

30 April 2022

Today's workout was a reminder that how you feel in the water doesn't always dictate how you perform. While I did manage to get in two solid workouts while in New York earlier this week, my sleep suffered and the business meetings I had were high stress affairs that took more of a toll on me than I had expected. Thursday was a planned day off training, but a late night return from La Guardia that night meant my Friday morning swim was more of a "float-out" than a "workout."

I still wasn't feeling anywhere near 100% when I went to LA Fitness this sunny Saturday morning to attempt an exact repeat of this workout from two weeks ago. Surprisingly, while I felt like crap, I performed better on my Heart Rate / Pulse Plot test set, inching a bit closer to my 45 year old form from 2012:

I'll take the improvement as encouragement and am looking forward to starting a gradual, three week taper on Monday!


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