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Tampa Triple Shot

13 May 2022

With omicron and BA2 fading ... or with us in North America just selectively agreeing to ignore them in favor of getting back out in the world, I had a pre-pandemic like business trip the second week of May - flying down to Florida on Monday and back home to Canada on Friday, spending the time holed up in a hotel and my company's offices right next to the Tampa airport.

And, like business trips of the past, I made the most of my time by adding three new pools!

Danny Del Rio Pool (#518)

When I rolled in a bit before 6am, I didn't know what to expect of this humble pool tucked into a neighborhood next to a school ...

... and was pleasantly surprised on so many levels to find an ultra-clean six lane pool, kitted out with newish and tight lane ropes, a large SwimNerd digital pace clock, and, best of all ...

... only 5 "regulars" so I could have my own lane for a great taper workout.

LA Fitness Signature Tampa (#519)

This was a bit of a shameless addition to my pool list as I had a light recovery day planned, but I hit my minimum required yardage and then hit the hot tub for an R&R morning before another long day of work meetings. While there was nothing particularly "signature-y" about this pool, they at least knew how to keep the lane ropes tightened (the bar for swimming pool expectations at LA Fitness is low).

Bobby Hicks Pool (#520)

I did miss the opportunity to add a 4th pool on the Thursday evening of this trip as my day started early and ran long, so it was extra special to greet the sunrise on Friday with (mostly) my own long course lane at this fabulous 50 meter x 25 yard pool:

The last time I was in a long course pool was at the start of the year in Panama, so it took me awhile to get into the feel of swimming straight for so long. By the end of a glorious 2,500 meters my only regret was that I am in taper mode now. I would have loved to take advantage of their extended long course hours to just swim and swim and swim.


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