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Reading the Pulse Tea Leaves

31 July 2022

I do my Pulse Plot set fairly religiously about a week before a taper meet. It's not always perfectly timed and the conditions don't always fully align from one taper meet to the next, but I do it anyways ... and then try to read the tea leaves to see what it means.

Given my peripatetic training locations and style since May, I'm not sure how much insight today's chart, compared most notable May 17th, about a week before Canadian Masters Short Course Meters nationals, provides...

... but, I think the takeaway is good, as the trend has definitely moved down and to the right - fasters with lower aggregate heartrate - so I'm taking this as a great sign.

Nothing to do but rest and relax now, my plan for the week ahead being:

  • Monday - swim at my home LA Fitness in yards, probably about 2,000 yards with some speed 25s stroke and pace 50s free

  • Tuesday - do a variant of Monday, but maybe 1,500 yards

  • Wednesday - no swimming, fly to Dulles late in the evening, stay near the airport

  • Thursday - grab a morning swim at the Claude Moore Recreation Center, work in the morning from my Dulles hotel, leave with enough time to take calls carefully while driving down I-95, so I can roll into the SwimRVA pool around 2:00pm, swim my 50 fly around 3:30pm, and be back on another work call by 4:30pm!

I'm kind of considering Thursday my last taper day before the real racing starts with the 400 free on Friday morning!


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