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Small riff on a riff

22 June 2022

I had written up this workout, a riff on a workout from 2012, and had intended to do it last Thursday, but my workout got cut short. This morning at my local LA Fitness, I plowed through this with a couple of modifications:

  • Extended my warmup to 1,500 yards as I'm still feeling sore and tight from the weekend's long course pool racing on Saturday and ocean race on Sunday.

  • I modified each round to add an extra 50 easy at the end.

  • I added another 6 x 50 at the conclusion of the main rotating set to get to 5,000 yards total.

For my small readership who does not know what an "Indiana IM" is, it is simply rotating through the order of the strokes. So, in the set above:

  • Round 1 the 150 IMs are fly-back-breast, back-breast-free, breast-free-fly

  • Round 2 the 150 IMs pick up where Round 1 left off and so are free-fly-back, fly-back-breast, back-breast-free

  • ... and so on

I wasn't particularly fast on anything today:

  • 150s ranged from 1:55 (free-fly-back) to 2:03 (fly-back-breast)

  • 100s were 1:07 to 1:09

  • 50s were 32+, 34+, 40+, 31+

... but it was a good "hump day" workout, albeit not quite a "Whoop=Ass Wednesday" special.


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